At The Skin Care Clinic, we are dedicated to serving you with the latest in Health and Wellness, which is the real essence of Beauty. We feel LifeStyle is the key to permanent change from within.

In cooperation with a major skin care lab, The Skin Care Clinic has developed its own exclusive line of high quality medical grade skin care and cosmetic products, that apply to conditions such as rosacea, melasma, and other forms of pigmentation, pre and post-operative care after cosmetic face and body surgery.


Master Clinical Aesthetician

With a broad experience using the leading skin-care products on the market today that are of unparalleled manufacturing technology, Claudia will select the most compatible product for you. Her philosophy is based on a continuous process of education to achieve the highest and best care for the transformation and maintenance of healthy skin. She feels this is where the real value should be focused in todays anti-aging environment.

Claudia has from the beginning of her career educated herself in understanding and providing for the differences that are special to different ethnicities of skin applications. A feeling of confidence is essential for a results oriented aesthetic priority.


Massage Therapist

Darlene McElhinny is a state Certified Massage Therapist and has completed her training at the National Holistic Institute of Massage. In addition, her internship began at the premier Skin Care Clinic on Burlingame Ave. since 2009 and continues to this day. Darlene's major interest over the years has always been being able to make a difference in people's lives. As a massage professional, her understanding to creatively apply anatomical knowledge and massage to manipulate, mold, sculpt, relax and enhance the muscular anatomy is apparent after each session. Her unique intuition of the human body has helped her develop her unique technique of customizing every treatment to your very specific needs.



Dreams, fantasies, and fairy tales of princesses captured my imagination as a child. Now as a adult I love the chance to do what I always dreamed of, to transform my clients' inner child to the dreams and fantasies in all of us. As a licensed esthethician, my focus and training has allowed me to develop a unique and essential style in my overall protocol to beauty treatments that apply to skin, body, and make-up application. My approach is to effectively calm, soothe, and relax my clients, letting them experience a peace and harmony while their beauty is reclaimed from the pressures of daily living. Additionally, my attention and application of organic and natural products nourish, feed, and revive the skin with essential nutrients that diminish with time. As a local graduate of Santa Clara Beauty College and apprentice training under Master Aesthetician, Claudia Santana, at her elite boutique Spa and Skin Care Clinic in Burlingame have prepared me for what I love best, to bring out the fairy tale princess from within and let it shine on the outside.